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The British Isles have been inhabited by man for over ten-thousand years and no matter where you are, places of historical interest from all periods may be found within a relatively small area. Cannock Chase is no exception to this general rule and if you know where to look there are examples aplenty from the Stone-Age to the Second World War. This page indexes the history of Cannock Chase by period, looseley based on the Historical Periods adopted by the Archaeology Data Service (ADS), for which thanks are duly paid; these periods are listed below:

Stone-Age - (10,000 - 2,000B.C.)
Bronze-Age - (2,500 - 700B.C.)
Iron-Age - (800B.C. - A.D.43)
Roman - (A.D.43 - 410)
Early-Medieval - (A.D.410 - 1066)
Domesday - (A.D.1086)
Medieval - (A.D.1066 - 1540)
Post-Medieval - (A.D.1540 - 1901)
Modern - (A.D.1901 - Present)

The AHDS also maintains another category containing all those sites which are known to exist but for various reasons have not or cannot be positively dated. There is no index page for these sites but they are included and described on the appropriate place-name pages.

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